Junior Dev Radio is a Podcast and Blog for new and progressing developers. Together, the Junior Dev team is dedicated to helping aspiring developers reach their potential and enter the work force. We understand that becoming a developer can be a scary process. There are so many ways to go about learning and mastering your trade, and we hope to be able to guide you through that journey. Our Podcast will feature Junior and Senior Developers and the people they work with, bringing you valuable insight and information so that you can plan out your Junior Journey.


The founders of Junior Dev Radio are still going through the same struggles you are. We too find ourselves in search of guidance, understanding, and inspiration. As we pursue our own success, we want to share our triumphs and failures with the hope that you can learn from them. We understand that in today’s age, you have to be informed and you have to be able to leverage your skills in order to do what you really love. As we continue with our goals to become Junior, and eventually Senior, developers, we want to keep you in the loop and engage with you and the rest of our community.


At least once a week, we will release new articles and podcast episodes that will help you expand your skills and your mind. We’ll discuss the various alternatives to learning how to develop, and we’ll introduce you to interesting people who are making it happen. You’ll get to see their journey, along with all the ups and downs, so that you can be better informed when it comes time to make decisions for yourself.